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The name MeYoMa stands for Meditation, Yoga, Massage.  It is a mantra created several years ago to root into consciousness a sacred and intimate space for the community to experience themselves in a powerful way.  This private and small studio was created for the one-on-one experience; to bring forth confidence, grace, self awareness, body mastery, self love, forgiveness, and playfulness.  We offer several meditation opportunites as well as connection to meditation groups and organizations and instructors, Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga yoga classes, professional and highly skilled massage therapy sessions, and access to a healthly minded community for networking.  Discovering the magic and beauty of who you are and learning powerful and positive means to express these gifts, are what MeYoMa represents. A three-in-one idea of service offered to give you the feeling of one-on-one attention to experience yourself powerfully.   Time has finally come to you..."Have an Inner Body Experience." 

Please visit our 'Services Page' to review the massage therapy sessions.

PLEASE MAKE A 'MEET AND GREET' APPOINTMENT WITH TERI ARENZ at (760) 942-YOGA(9642) for all questions and inquiries. 

NaMAstE (I acknowledge the light and love within you that is also within me).