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The name MeYoMa stands for Meditation, Yoga, and Massage. It is a mantra created several years ago to root into consciousness a sacred and intimate space for the community to experience themselves in a powerful way through awareness education. The arts of meditation, yoga, and massage therapy bring forth confidence, self awareness, body mastery, reduction of pain/pain management, focus, peace, self love, forgiveness, and playfulness. Discovering the magic and beauty of who you are, is what MeYoMa represents.
Time has finally come to you..."Have an Inner Body Experience.”

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PLEASE MAKE A 'MEET AND GREET' APPOINTMENT WITH TERI ARENZ at (760) 942-YOGA(9642) for all questions and inquiries. 

Namaste (I acknowledge the light and love within you that is also within me),
Teri Arenz H.H.P.