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Meditation- One-on-One instruction

Learn how to calm the mind and use breath to slow down the anxiety of your thoughts. Once we have established your goal/intention, a personalized 15 minute routine while be created and taught to you. Many techniques are available: 5/5/5, chakra balancing, pranayamas, and visiualizations.          


Yoga- What is Yoga?
This is a Private Lesson of yoga to create a deep knowing and relationship to the 8 branches of yoga specifically focusing on hatha yoga: the movement of body. There are three main focus experiences: flexibility, balance, and strength. If you are training for an athletic event, have injuries, are a beginning yoga student and want to have some pre-requisite experience and knowledge of yoga, or if you would like to have a personal vinyasa flow created for your mind, body, spirit needs, this 1 hour 15 minute session is perfect for you.

Meyoma Yoga$60/hour   (3 person maximum)

Massage-TeriTherapy by Teri Arenz
The basic definition of massage is to increase blood circulation. Blood=energy. In areas of our body where blood circulation is limited, decreased, or even stagnated from injury, accidents, posture, emotional response, or being inactive, the sensations can feel like: dull numbing, muscle cramping, intense aches and pains, headaches, decreased range of motion, postural limitations, etc… Massage gives us the time to ‘slow down’ and connect. Touch is just one of our 5 senses and our skin is the biggest organ of our body.

Massage Services:

Swedish.  Light to medium pressure massage with lotion, using a soothing and nurturing touch. Great for weekly maintenanceor for those who do not want to experience soreness after the session.

Therapeutic.   Medium to deep pressure massage with lotion, combining many different styles or modalities.  This massage is the most requested.  Wonderful for loosening up tight shoulder, neck, back, and leg muscles.  Longer session is suggested to give a complete full body massage.

Deep Tissue.   Using very slow and melting like pressure this style of massage is for stubborn knots and scar tissue.  Using very little lotion and highly trained techniques this massage is very sedating and the benefits last much longer. Longer session required for full body treatment.

Thai Massage.   Nuad Bo-Rarn translated into English as "Lazy Man Yoga." The client is fully clothed and the massage is performed on a mat.  The experience and benefits are similarto yoga but with no effort on the clients part. Benefits are flexibility, deep relaxation, and effective stress relief.  You have to try it!

Hot Stone Massage.  Experience release of stress and tension in the mind, body and soul. Smooth rocks found on the healing shore of the Pacific are the secret ingredient to this amazing treatment.  Using aroma therapyand heat, the density of the stones creates a warmth and deep relaxation. This massage promotes lymphatic health, increases blood circulation and warms you to your core. A common favorite!

1 Hour Massage (Therapeutic) - $80

Member Special $100

1.5 Hour Teri Therapy $130

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